5 Reasons your Facebook adverts (ads) is not working as expected

5 Reasons your Facebook adverts (ads) is not working as expected

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5 Reasons your Facebook adverts (ads) is not working as expected

Good day guys and welcome to another tutorial from zstripes titled “5 Reasons your Facebook adverts (ads) is not working as expected”

Today we will be discussing 5 important reasons your Facebook advertisements has not been yielding the desired results.

We all wants to grow our business and yield more money from it be it an online or offline business and one great way we promote our businesses online is via Facebook adverts. Now many of us has at one point or another done a Facebook ads-Page boast, post boast or group boast on Facebook.

Now we might have been able to get a number running into thousands of potential views of our adverts on Facebook but after the boast/advert duration is finished we get a statistic far different from our expected results from the adverts or Facebook boast. Now our expected results from the adverts might be in terms of increase of sales, increase of membership or increased likes of our Facebook page the list continues….

But whatever our expected results from the facebook adverts might have been, the reasons for a not good enough results are common. The reasons can be broadly divided into two which are the way you target your audience and your branding.SO let’s go ahead with the topic of the day, which is “6 Reasons your Facebook adverts (ads) is not working as expected”

When you post your Facebook ads, facebook gives you the opportunity of setting many important items that determine your target audience which you might have not taken importantly. The below are some


Reason 1: Age

In setting up your Facebook ads, it is important that you specify the age of your target audience appropriately. Let us say you are into sales of denture and your defaults facebook age range is 13 to 30 for example and you hope to increase your sales in running such a advert, well this will be almost a total waste of finance and time as the age range of people who might be in need of your products are far away from the one that was placed there by defaults. So make sure you choose the right age range. Know firstly who needs your product and secondly choose the right age range.

Reason 2: Gender

The Gender whether Male or Female is very important if you will always target the right audience for your facebook adverts. Let’s say you sell female undies and when placing your facebook adverts you happen to have ALL OR MALE, instead of FEMALE only. This will greatly affect the potential audience you will get exposed to.

Reason 3: Location

Let’s say you want to target audience in China and your current location reads America. This will mean bad business you know? So at every point in time choose your target location rightly.



Reason 4: Amount

Your budget for the Facebook ads is one important criteria that determines the amount of views for your facebook post, page, group or other promotions. As it firstly determines how long Facebook hosts your adverts to your target audience and proportionally determines how much of your target audience will end up visiting your promotion.

Reason 4: Your online face

By your online face I mean what the content of your post, page, group or website tells of you. You should seem professional by your page look, it is one thing to get the audience you desire and yet another thing to get this audience to buy you products or services. So make sure you deliver what you truly are online.

Reason 5: Branding

I like to see Branding as creating a personality. It is not only about getting your target audience on Facebook  to select you over the others that delivers the same service or product as you do, it also involves you making them see you as the go-to man for services or products.

I hope it was helpful drop a comment if you have any questions and I will be glad to answer asap.


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