jim ovia(muste) scholarship past questions and answers 2017(updated version)

jim ovia(muste) scholarship past questions and answers 2017(updated version)

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jim ovia(muste) scholarship past questions and answers 2017(updated version)

Jim Ovia scholarship foundation also commonly known as the muste scholarship foundation has been giving scholarships to qualified students in colleges of Education, Polytechnics and universities for both the graduate and undergraduate levels yearly and the worth of the scholarship if #150,000 yearly for the undergraduate level with that of the post graduate level going as high as #750,000 yearly depending on the tuition cost of the university the awardee of the Muste/jim ovia scholarship belongs to.  
The Muste scholarship usually comes out for application by September each year and to get the Muste scholarship after application students are to undergo a scholarship test weeks after the scholarship deadline for application. All past muste scholarship test/questions are divided into 3 main categories which include:-
1. Qualitative reasoning.
2. Verbal Reasoning.
3. Abstract reasoning.
It is a big boast to your chances of having the muste scholarship /jim ovia foundation scholarship past questions as muste repeats over 60% of its past questions in current muste scholarship aptitude tests.
The pass mark to get the muste/jim ovia scholarship award is 80% and has been so yearly. Just imagine what 60% out of the 80% pass mark would do for you. So we encourage every applicant for the muste scholarship to please get a copy before the muste scholarship examination date as it will be cheating yourself not to have these muste/Jim ovia past questions and answers before the examination.
Now getting the muste scholarship is one thing. Another thing is keeping it and making sure you get eligible for payment yearly. So the below are the main reasons why awardees of the muste/jim ovia scholarship lose the awards yearly.
1. Use of fake personal information during application.
2. Use of fake or edited documents during application.
3. Poor grades upon scholarship renewal. So as you apply for the muste scholarship examination keep things real.
4. After getting the muste scholarship award you would have to proceed to creating a zenith bank account with which you will receive your payments yearly. From my experience those that do not keep the bank account functional have a good chance of not getting the muste scholarship awards in subsequent times so keep your muste scholarship account active.
These are my findings I hope they are helpful.

To get your muste scholarship past questions and answers follow the below procedure.
muste or jim ovia foundation scholarship past questions and answers

page 1 muste/Jim Ovia scholarhip past questions and answers

Pay the sum of #1000 only to any of the below account
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0697025669;
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3064813649
Copy and keep the account details.
After payment please send your name used in payment either deposit or transfer.
If you transferred from someone else account then send his or her name instead but if from your account or a deposit then send your name and email to 08108825755 or 08182579530 and you will get your muste scholarship past questions and answers delivered in your email in 30mins.The muste/jim ovia foundation scholarship past questions and answers is a pdf file so you can print it from your mail or use it on your smart phone as an e-book for practice for your examination.
We at ZSTRIPES love you. Success as you take the muste scholarship examination soon.
We are opened 24hours daily and 7days weekly.
So we have got you covered.


VICTOR OJEI on 2017-11-19:

Thanks i just got my past question .It seems like the questions varies yearly.Like some years are 70 questions and others 80 questions.Thanks

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jim ovia(muste) scholarship past questions and answers 2017(updated version)
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